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ANTARA Forms USD200 Million Strategic Partnership with OPTOSCREEN

Jakarta, Dec. 18, 2013  (ANTARA) -- The Indonesian news agency ANTARA today entered into a strategic alliances agreement with OPTOSCREEN Group to install 1000 high quality large outdoor LED screens across Indonesia. 

This USD200 million (Rp.2.4 trillion) agreement will make ANTARA one of the first news agency to operate the largest outdoor LED screen network in the world for viewers throughout Indonesia archipelago. The large scale deployment of outdoor LED screen is to provide free news, information and state policies to the general public of 250 million viewers throughout the country. 

The objective is to promote national unity, ethnic tolerance including education, culture, loyalty, integrity and meritocracy with the basis official philosophical foundation of PANCASILA.

"This collaboration combines the strengths of two storied names in the media marketplace," said Hempi Prajudi, Commercial Director, ANTARA. "We are delighted to partner with OPTOSCREEN to provide Indonesia with the highest-quality, most-scalable end-to-end informative news.”

“This free up-to-date news will be delivered both live and in file-based information effectively to every municipalities in Indonesia. There will be two (2) screens available at each municipality across all 496 municipalities in the country," added Prajudi. 

Thomas Soo Kok Loong, Founder & CEO of OPTOSCREEN, said, "We are thrilled to be working together with ANTARA on providing OPTOSCREEN’s unique technical skills, know-how and special hardware design to broadcast outdoor up-to-date news to the world's fourth most populated nation.”

“The outdoor screen industry will see growth in the long run as the trend is changing towards audiences spending more time out and on the road than staying at home watching TV. The falling viewers rating on traditional indoor TV is also due to the increasing choices on TV channels versus increasing viewers rating on large outdoor LED screen network on a single channel at strategic locations,” added Soo. 

With additional 1000 screens through the cooperation with ANTARA, OPTOSCREEN will have a total of 1328 outdoor LED screens, making OPTOSCREEN one of the largest screen owners in the world.



ANTARA is an Indonesian news agency organized as a private company under the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises. It is the country's national news agency, supplying news reports to the many domestic media organizations. It is the only organization authorized to distribute news material created by foreign news agencies.

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OPTOSCREEN ( is a leading outdoor LED screen provider,  platform operator and applied product designer in Asia Pacific affiliated with Taiwan Optotech Corporation (TWSE code: 2340). Since its incorporation in 2010, OPTOSCREEN's aggressive growth has been fuelled by continued investments in major concessions and key market in China.

Now OPTOSCREEN is one of the biggest outdoor screen operators in China in term of standardize 16:9 ratio LED screen, securing an exclusive long-term contract with RT Mart “Sun Art Retail Group” China's largest and fastest growing hypermarket chain that has a nationwide footprint of 328 hypermarket complexes across 26 out of 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China.

OPTOSCREEN provides the most sophisticated LED screen technical skills, management and operation with real time monitoring system including comprehensive services and maintenance that runs the network smoothly throughout China.

Currently OPTOSCREEN has several exclusive concessions contract under negotiation in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand with a total number about 5000 outdoor LED screens.


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