As a multinational company our position is unique because we have a sophisticated global network with the most sophisticated LED screen management technique, technical skills and operating experience with comprehensive services and maintenance that runs the screen smoothly anywhere in the world simultaneously. It's the best of both worlds where we have creative agility for scale and world-class expertise and we are also fully integrated covering all services including strategy, design, planning and maintenance.

We also offer screen solutions in any shape and size from the most cost-effective screen to top-end solutions. With our extensive experience in merging business understanding with technology along with our ability to operate borderless that ensures the business strategy is seamlessly translated into the right implementation. This ability to translate core business strategy into the heart of the technological build ensures that the business gets the appropriate return on investment.

Our project management team will take care the screen manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation of systems goes as planned and maintaining project schedule on time and on budget.

Therefore our business model makes us uniquely flexible as a full-service LED screen company and we have a group of expert teams with the extent of our in-house skills and resources are simply make us unparalleled. This is what we do.



Driven by results and affected by analysis, our strategic team can develop a business model that suite our clients requirement. We provide:

  • Research & Insights
  • Idea Exploration
  • Integrated & Execution
  • Evaluation & Recommendations



Many customers rely on us for integrated systems that both save money and meet their needs whether high-end design or simply a fresh look, our team of designers will make it happen. We have experts in:

  • Creative Design
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Unique Proprietary Software



Most clients require fast streamline project planning process from concept to installations therefore we work closely with them to develop a full implementation plans among other aspects that include:

  • Project Organizing
  • Project Implementation
  • On-site Construction Management
  • Project Installation & Commissioning